Energy codes can be confusing.

Find out which one applies to your project.



2018 IECC – 2 Major Changes

There are two major changes between the 2015 and 2018 editions of the code that affect blower door testing and ventilation requirements.

Energy Codes & Standards Update

New requirement could have a big impact on how residential buildings will be designed in non-stretch code communities going forward.

Energy Policy Act 45L Tax Credit

Uncle Same Wants You

The Energy Policy Act (EPACT) 45L tax credits of $2000 per qualified residential unit are back! Call us at 508-833-3100 to learn more.

Performance Testing

HERS® rater performing duct test

Performance testing is integral to the HERS® Rating process.  Learn how this suite of tests allows us to quantify the performance characteristics of your home.

How Can A HERS® Rating Help Me?

homes with HERS® scores

Whether you have performance goals, need to meet code compliance or are interested in Mass Save® Incentives, learn how a HERS® Rating can help you.

Stretch Energy Code Q&A

Has the city or town you are building in adopted the Stretch Energy Code? Check out our Stretch Code Q&A article to learn more.



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