Not sure which energy code requirements apply to your project? Find out!
All Electric Home Photo Credit: Eric Lucero

All-Electric Homes Program

The Sponsors of Mass Save have launched a new initiative to drive market transformation in residential new construction toward high-performing, all-electric homes. They are offering incentives up to $40,000 to support builders, developers, and homeowners in the construction of new homes that will use substantially less energy than code-built homes, while providing enhanced comfort and long-term resiliency.


What Is an All-Electric Home?

These homes use high-performance heat pump technology for heating, cooling, and water heating. They feature lower embodied carbon building envelopes that minimize heat loss, leaks, and drafts to maximize energy efficiency. All-electric homes are designed to increase comfort and indoor air quality, reduce energy and maintenance costs, and provide sustained home value over time.

Is Your Project Eligible?

To qualify for the All-Electric Home incentive, homes must meet the criteria of either Level 1 or Level 2 performance requirements:

ComponentLevel 1Level 2
Energy savings percentage or HERS Index ScoreSavings ≥ 30% or HERS Index Score ≤ 45*Savings ≥ 50% or HERS Index Score ≤ 35*
Heat pump for space heating †RequiredRequired
Heat pump for water heatingOptionalRequired
All-electric cookwareRequiredRequired
Infiltration rate (ACH)ACH50 ≤ 1.5ACH50 ≤ 1.0
Balanced ventilation systems (HRVs & ERVs)RequiredRequired
Continuous envelope insulation ‡OptionalRequired
Electric vehicle-ready checklistRequiredRequired
*The HERS Index Score is calculated without factoring in on-site generation.
†Installed air-source heat pumps must be on the Mass Save Heat Pump Qualified Product List.
‡Level 2 requirement applies to whole home (i.e., slab, slab edge, foundation, exterior walls, and roof assemblies.



What Are the Incentives?

The incentives for high-performance, all-electric new construction homes depend on the number of individually metered dwelling units on the premise. For homes with two or more units, all units must meet the same level of eligibility requirements. Incentive amounts are per building.

Home TypeLevel 1Level 2
2-unit dwelling$17,500$30,000
3-unit dwelling$20,000$35,000
4-unit dwelling$22,500$40,000

How To Apply for Incentives

You must work with an approved HERS rating company, like Home Energy Raters, to enroll your project before construction begins. We will work with you and make suggestions as well as conduct all the mandatory inspections and verifications of the home to ensure you have met all eligibility requirements. After the final inspection is processed, you’ll receive an incentive completion notification via email. Within 10-12 weeks of your final inspection, you’ll receive an incentive check in the mail.

Program eligibility requirements and incentives available are subject to change and may vary each year.



If you have questions about this new program or are interested in enrolling an upcoming project, please reach out to our All-Electric Program lead, Andrew, at He can evaluate your project and make suggestions to ensure your project will qualify.