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Man working on a duct

Duct Leakage Testing

Building codes in Massachusetts require that ductwork be sealed to prevent losses due to air leakage, and in most cases codes prescribe a maximum amount of leakage allowed.  We provide duct testing services to help HVAC contractors and builders comply with the new energy codes. Our field staff is highly experienced at testing and troubleshooting duct leakage and has provided duct sealing training services for contractors throughout Massachusetts.

A duct test will determine how much leakage is in the ductwork that delivers heated or cooled air to the living space.  The mechanical system is turned off and all the registers, both supplies and returns, are sealed off with a low-tack adhesive plastic.  A small calibrated fan is attached to the air handler and the duct system is either pressurized or depressurize to a target pressure of 25 pascals while a computer measures how many cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air have to be added or removed from the ducts to hold that pressure. The results can be expressed as CFM of leakage or more commonly as CFM per square foot (SF) of floor area.  Leaky ductwork is a large contributing factor to excessive utility costs.


If your project needs a duct leakage test, please call the office at 508-833-3100 or contact us online. We service Boston, Plymouth, Cape Cod and the surrounding areas in Massachusetts.