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What Is a HERS Rating & How Can It Help Me?

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A HERS Rating is a tool; it’s not a drill, a hammer, or a saw but it is just as valuable as those tools on the construction site.  With a HERS Rating, you can identify paths to savings that fit within your goal set; whether your goals are performance based, financial, or a combination of the two.  HERS Ratings are the most common method to comply with local building codes and in many cases the only way to apply for utility sponsored rebates or incentives.  Value engineering at the front end is especially potent since adjustments or alterations can be made to the plans before construction begins.  You can check all these boxes with a HERS Rating, saving time and money on your projects.

Performance Goals

Do you have a HERS Score you want to achieve? How about a yearly utility cost?  A HERS Rating can identify projected scores and utility costs before a shovel goes in the ground.  Slight alterations to the product mix can yield increased performance and in many cases without increasing costs.  We have a vast experience evaluating the performance of different systems, materials, and method and we put that expertise to work for you to achieve your goals.


Construction isn’t cheap, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.  A HERS Rating evaluates energy trade-offs between construction materials, mechanical systems, and appliances; allowing compliance with building codes while keeping costs under control.  Changes to the lumber plan, insulation package, window specs, mechanical systems, and appliances all work together to add up to your HERS Score.  Whether you want to build with 2x4s again, reduce your glazing expenses, or keep your HVAC costs in check, we can assist you in reining in construction costs.

Code Compliance

Do you have to pass a certain energy code?  Are you building in a Stretch Code community?  A HERS Rating is the most common method to show compliance with local energy codes, and in Stretch Code communities a HERS Rating is mandatory.  We will inspect your project throughout the construction process to identify and correct any issues early before they become problems.  A smooth path to energy code compliance starts with a HERS rating and a great HERS Rater.


Many utility companies sponsor programs known as “Pay for Savings” where the efficiency of your home dictates the amount of a financial incentive paid directly to you by the participating utility.  The only way to evaluate the efficiency of your home for these programs is with a HERS Rating.  These programs vary across the country in their scope and incentive levels.  Here in Massachusetts, Mass Save® is the group of utilities who participate in this program, which offers 4 programs – the New Home Construction Program, the Renovations & Additions Program, the High-Rise Program and the Passive House Program.  Each program has its own requirements for participation and incentive structures.

As a Mass Save® partner, we will evaluate whether your project is eligible for a program, complete the necessary paperwork and apply for all available incentives.

To learn more about the Mass Save® incentive programs, click here.