Not sure which energy code requirements apply to your project? Find out!
A zero energy home with two car garage and two levels

2018 IECC & Stretch Code Compliance

What energy code does your house have to meet?  Neighboring municipalities may enforce different energy codes and it is important to know which codes you are building under.  Our expert staff can determine which code is applicable to your project and figure out a path to compliance that fits your performance and budget goals.



Compliance Reports and Documentation

  • Preliminary architectural plan review and energy modeling to see how a building will perform energy-wise
  • A concise “punch list” of details and changes needed, if any, to meet local energy code requirements
  • Pre-construction documentation to apply for the building permit
  • Final documentation/certificate of compliance to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy

Onsite Technical Support

  • During key phases of the construction, we can meet with subcontractors to answer questions and provide any technical support that may be needed
  • Inspections to verify insulation, HVAC systems, and air sealing checklist compliance
  • Performance Testing – blower door testing, duct testing, and ventilation testing



IECC/HERS Compliance Specialist

As a certified IECC/HERS Compliance Specialist, Home Energy Raters can now help code officials save time, energy and resources by assisting with code jurisdiction and energy code compliance.  To learn more, click here.