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New Home Construction

Residential New Construction Incentive Program

The Sponsors of Mass Save promote the construction of new energy efficient homes in Massachusetts. Financial incentives are offered for residential new construction projects that exceed the base Massachusetts building energy code. Program eligibility requirements and incentives available are subject to change and may vary each year.

Is Your Project Eligible?

Residential new construction projects that are three stories or less are eligible to participate in the New Home Incentive Program if they are located within a Sponsor’s of Mass Save’s service territory in Massachusetts. Projects that are master-metered natural gas heated may be eligible to participate in the High-Rise Incentive Program (multi-family homes with 4 stories or more). Enhanced incentives are also available for multi-family homes that achieve Passive House accreditation. For more info on Passive House incentives, click here.

How Incentives Are Calculated

Incentive eligibility is dependent on whether the home meets the minimum energy savings requirements. The amount of fuel savings, electric savings (propane, natural gas, or oil), and the home’s overall performance compared to the average new home in Massachusetts will determine how much the incentive check will be.

How To Apply for Incentives

You must work with an approved HERS rating company, like Home Energy Raters, + make energy efficient choices that maximize your incentives. If your project qualifies, we will enroll your project and take care of all of the paperwork. We work with you and make recommendations to ensure you get the maximum incentives available for your project. Many of our clients who follow through with our recommendations find that the incentives help offset the cost of our services.

After the final inspection is processed, you’ll receive an incentive completion notification via email. Within 10-12 weeks of your final inspection, you’ll receive an incentive check in the mail.

Program eligibility requirements and incentives available are subject to change and may vary each year.


Working With a HERS Rater

A HERS rater can provide a HERS rating, an index score that is based on the home’s energy modeled performance. The score measures how the energy performance of the home compares to similar homes in the state of Massachusetts.  Almost 300 municipalities in Massachusetts have adopted the Stretch Code, which requires a HERS rating. Please click here and use our energy code search tool feature to see if a HERS rating is required in the city or town you are building in.

Working with a HERS rater can provide many benefits, including:

  • Greater understanding of ways to improve comfort and reduce energy bills
  • Guidance on variables such as exterior walls, floors over unconditioned spaces, ceilings and roofs, windows, foundations, attics, ductwork, vents, water heating, HVAC systems, air leakage, thermostats and more
  • Ability to more accurately calculate operating costs
  • HERS rated homes have a higher resale value, on average
  • All HERS raters are RESNET certified


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